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The #2 sport on St. Barts! (If you're asking... Dining is #1)

Where did you shop today?
     What did you buy?
          How fabulous was the deal?
               Did you have it shipped?
                    How much did it cost?

Here are some of my favorite stores in St Barts.
Worth a look- see, browse, They ship, I shop !

" 4 Shells Awards"


Diamond Genesis


"The" place to shop for limited edition designs by Dominique. Breitling, TAG, Patek Phillipe watches & 18K gold are my favorites at this long established store on the main street in Gustavia.




Le Pasha de St. Barth, the premier concept store on St. Barts. Discover a world of fashion curated specifically for men, complemented by an extensive collection of accessories catering to both men and women!


Fabienne Miot Jewelry


Original designs by Fabiene. Beautiful, smart styles with a personal touch.


Ligne St Barth


The most amazing sun products. I have never burned or peeled. Feature Racou Oil is made on the island & sold in better stores. Mint after shave & vanilla body cream - yummy.


Pati St Barth


The original St Barths "gotta have design". T shirts, hats, towels, bags. 2 stores in Gustavia, 1 in St Jean.

Shelley Shusteroff
Islanders Travel & Tours
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